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Bio Pricing Policy


All of my work is personally printed by me or under my direct supervision, using only archival materials.  My work is printed in two types of editions.

OPEN EDITIONS: not limited. 

LIMITED EDITIONS:  An edition is a limited series of prints of a particular image produced at a particular size.  Prints within an edition may be produced over time, on different printers, with different inks, or with different papers, so they may differ slightly among themselves.  In some cases, I may also limit the total number of fine art prints intended for display across all editions.  For example, I might produce one edition of small prints, one of medium-size prints, and a third of large prints.  In some cases, I may limit the number of prints over a certain size, but make smaller prints available on an  open edition basis.  Such limitations vary from series to series, and will be specified in the certificate of authenticity. 

The limitation in the number of prints for limited editions applies only to signed fine art prints intended for display.  It does not limit my right to reproduce the image on my web site, in a book (commercially published, self-published, or hand-made), on a card, or to license the image for use in posters, calendars, or advertising, or any other use of the image.  As a practical matter, commercial use any of my  images is likely to enhance the value of limited edition fine art prints.

I retain the copyright and all associated rights. Purchasers of prints do not purchase a license  to reproduce my work, or any other intellectual property right in the image.  The purchaser is not entitled to reproduce, copy, or physically manipulate the image.  If a purchaser wishes to reproduce the image on a personal web site, for insurance or record-keeping purposes, or for a collection catalogue, I am likely to grant a license for that purpose and even provide a file of suitable resolution.  But I like to be asked first.  What the purchaser of a print does get is that physical print, which purchaser can display, loan, sell, or give away as purchaser sees fit.

Prints should be cared for properly.  This means they should be matted and framed using only acid-free archival materials under glass or plexiglass.  They shouldn’t be dry-mounted, kept for extended periods in direct sunlight, or exposed to extremes of heat, cold, moisture or humidity.


All images ©Pete McCutchen, all rights reserved