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Monochrome Monochrome Roller Coasters




Junkyards, old barns, messy garages: these are my haunts.  My focus is on old, disused objects and artifacts, the kind of junk that gets tossed aside -- in most cases, deservedly so.  And yet often these objects and artifacts, the waste products of our industrial society, have an interesting form, a certain odd beauty.




This gallery is part of my ongoing project to find and capture these interesting and compelling oddities.  The technique is to isolate a particular interesting element: the turn signals from an old truck, an empty can of motor oil barely visible through the wall of an old barn.   These vignettes become images.


In selecting Blinkers for the Amelia T. Clemente award for best in show at the Alexandria Virginia Art League Gallery May 2011 show, curator and juror Lillian Fitzgerald said “it is clean, colorful, and an image that creates something exquisite out of nothing. This is an object most people wouldn’t give a second glance – but look at how gorgeous it is.”


All images ©Pete McCutchen, all rights reserved