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Conflagration Sequence 1

Conflagration Sequence 2

Conflagration Sequence 3

The Conflagration Sequence images are the start of my obsession with rust, one I’ve continued through the Surfaces collection.  It began in Hawaii, at a scenic overlook.  Visible from the overlook: a waterfall framed by a lovely rainbow.  And not just any rainbow, a full one-hundred-and-eighty-degree Leprechaun-dancing-at-the-end-of-it rainbow.  In the parking lot: a rusted, burned out old truck.   That, of course, was my subject.

Dimples #1

Dimples #2

Dimples #3

Dimples #4

Most of my color work is pretty vibrant; the images here go to eleven.  Many involve experimentation with color -- playing with multi-hued arrays in a Warholesque fashion.

Because of the nature of these images, the Conflagrations & Constructions images can be printed individually and displayed as a grouping of separate panels, or they can be printed on a single page and framed as a single image.  These images have a modular quality to them, which allows them to be adapted to a large variety of different spaces.

All images ©Pete McCutchen, all rights reserved